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Climate Change and Health Documents from the Environmental Protection Agency

Following the Presidential inauguration on January 20, 2017, portions of the website for the Environmental Protection Agency were shut down or made invisible. Out of a concern that valuable information concerning the impacts of climate on health issues, friends of the environment have downloaded and shared a number of those posts. PDF versions are available in the file attachments to this post.

children-health-climate-change.pdf2.59 MB
climate-health-life-stages.pdf1017.97 KB
disabilities-health-climate-change.pdf4.15 MB
ej-health-climate-change.pdf2.46 MB
existing-conditions-health-climate-change.pdf1.03 MB
indigenous-health-climate-change.pdf1.52 MB
occupational-health-climate-change.pdf3.62 MB
older-adults-health-climate-change (1).pdf3.43 MB
older-adults-health-climate-change.pdf3.43 MB
pregnant-health-climate-change.pdf1.54 MB

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