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Bill McKibben's Speech to the Vermont Legislature


On Wednesday, January 30, Bill McKibben spoke to the Vermont State Legislature on the issue of climate change. In addition to the information he shared on global warming, he also outlined action steps the State of Vermont can take to address the issue. Through the courtesy of VPIRG, we are able to share the text of his comments in the attached file.

How will emissions choices affect the likely climate future for the Northeast?


NECIA climate projections found that over the next several decades, temperatures across the Northeast will rise 2.5°F to 4°F in winter and 1.5°F to 3.5°F in summer regardless of the emissions choices we make now (due to heat-trapping emissions released in the recent past). By mid-century and beyond, however, today’s emissions choices generate starkly different climate futures.

Confronting climate change in the U.S. Northeast

By late this century, under the higher-emissions scenario:

Northeast Climate Impacts Assessment


The Northeast Climate Impacts Assessment (NECIA) released their report (full report is 160 pages), "Confronting Climate Change in the U.S. Northeast: Science, Impacts, and Solutions", in July 2007.  NECIA is a collaboration between the Union of Concerned Scientist and a team of more than 50 independent scientists and economists from the northeast. Download PDF

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