Vermont Interfaith Power and Light

A faith-based response to global climate change

Vermont Interfaith Power & Light (VTIPL) works to help members of Vermont's faith and spiritual communities understand that the climate crisis which is threatening the world is, at heart, a spiritual crisis. This spiritual crisis demands recognition that: Earth is a precious gift; global climate change is a moral challenge; global climate change is disrupting the natural balance; we live our faith through our actions; and there is no peace without a planet.

VTIPL seeks to empower members of faith and spiritual communities to advocate for our Earth and future generations. VTIPL helps people take action in their houses of worship, homes, and workplaces to conserve energy, use it efficiently, and increase the use of renewable energy.   

Welcome to Vermont Interfaith Power & Light (VTIPL)

Our Fall Conference was held on Saturday, October 13

   at Faith United Methodist Church,

 899 Dorset Street, South Burlington, VT

Our theme was:

 A Just Economy to Achieve Climate Goals

Keynote Speaker: George Lakey

 Author of Viking Economics:

How the Scandinavians Got It Right –

and How We Can, Too

 Workshop topics were:

  • Climate and Economics: Learning Their Relationship from the Scandinavians 
  • Modern Wood Heating
  • Watershed Discipleship 
  • Climate Change in Vermont: How It Is Affecting Our Health
  • Addressing the Climate Crisis Through Celebration 
  • Climate and Energy Policy Landscape 


VT Interfaith Power and Light Conference 2018 was recorded on 2018-10-13.
*WATCH ON TV : * You can watch this program on Channel 17/ Town Meeting Television, on Comcast Cable and Burlington Telecom at the following times:

1 Friday October 19, 5:00 PM
2 Tuesday October 30, 10:00 PM
3 Wednesday October 31, 3:00 AM
4 Wednesday October 31, 9:00 AM
5 Wednesday November 7, 3:00 PM
6 Sunday November 11, 1:00 PM

*WATCH ONLINE : * You may watch the program on-line by clicking here:

 The Katy Gerke

Memorial Program

The Katy Gerke Memorial Program has been established to honor the memory of Dr. Katy Gerke and to help Christian churches in Vermont and in twelve New Hampshire towns in the Upper Connecticut River Valley* to improve the energy efficiency of their church buildings.  Funds from this program can be used by churches to obtain professional energy audits of their buildings and to undertake projects, e.g. building or equipment improvements that will reduce the energy use and greenhouse gas emissions of their church building.  All grants for energy audits, energy efficiency improvement or renewable energy projects require that churches provide matching funds for each grant request.

A printable brochure, containing a description and an outline of the program, and grant application forms are available through here: Katy Gerke Memorial Program

*New Hampshire towns: Bath, Charleston, Claremont, Cornish, Hanover, Haverhill, Lebanon, Lyme, New London, Oxford, Piermont, and Plainfield.

Climate Change & Health Documents

Changes to the website of the Environmental Protection Agency have raised concerns about the availability of educational material related to the impact of climate change on human health. To be sure that they remain available some have downloaded the documents and made them available. We have posted a number of them in our Resources Section. You can find them by clicking this link Climate Change and Health Documents from the EPA.

Energy Assessments

One of the ways VTIPL helps congregations is by providing energy assessments of houses of worship and other religious buildings. The service is free to congregations that request this assistance. VTIPL asks each participating congregation to commit to using the recommendations to guide their ongoing efforts to improve the energy efficiency of their religious building. Click the file attachment below for the form to request an energy assessment; send an email to for more information.


Request Energy Assessment Form.pdf157.35 KB

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