A Religious Movement Against Global Climate Change

About Vermont Interfaith Power & Light

Vermont Interfaith Power and Light (VTIPL) is a faith-based organization formed by about a dozen people from different faith communities who wanted to take action to address the climate crisis. They began meeting late in 2002 to begin laying the necessary groundwork for an Interfaith Power and Light organization in Vermont. The Environmental Ministry Team of the Episcopal Diocese of Vermont, with the support of Bishop Thomas Ely, provided the impetus to get this started.

In June 2004, VTIPL officially formed after the officers and Board of Directors were chosen. The Vermont Ecumenical Council (VEC) helped to launch VTIPL and it operated under VEC’s non-profit umbrella for four years. VTIPL was incorporated in the State of Vermont in September 2008.

The Interfaith Power and Light (IPL) movement began in the mid 1990’s. It was started by an Episcopal priest, The Rev. Canon Sally Bingham, and others, including Steve MacAusland, who went on to form Massachusetts Interfaith Power and Light, and helped VTIPL get started. Interfaith Power and Light is the campaign and main activity of The Regeneration Project, based in California; Sally Bingham served as President for the first decade and a half.

Forty states have IPL organizations, and each one is different because each state is different.  What all the IPL organizations have in common is that they work with faith and spiritual communities to address global climate change. They are not "chapters" of the national organization.  The state IPLs and national IPL are affiliated in a network that shares goals, resources and information.

VTIPL has active and dedicated officers and board members who are committed to working with Vermont’s faith communities and individuals to take action on the climate crisis. Our network of members is growing (the faith community member list is posted on this website under “Membership”, and individuals are also encouraged to join). If your faith community is not yet a member, please ask them to join! Together, we can take meaningful steps and have an impact. Global climate change is a moral and spiritual crisis; it is right that faith communities set an example and take an active leadership role in addressing it.

VTIPL Officers and Staff

Ron McGarvey, President

Jane Dwinell, Vice President

Amy May, Secretary

Sam Swanson, Treasurer

Donna Roberts, Coordinator

Betsy Hardy, Coordinator Emeritus

Board Members

Richard Butz

The Rev. Rachael Field

Professor Rebecca Gould

The Rev. Sister Laurian Seeber

The Rev. Nancy Wright